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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Nearly Sold Out

Head over quickly to my Quilty Little Secrets Shop.  The Zakka Style Sewing Kits are nearly gone with just 3 left. If you want one now is the time to grab one.

Also leave a comment on The Post  if there is anything you're looking for that isn't in my store.

Watch This Space

IBeCheraldine =]

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Here Comes the Bride.....

This wedding was of my cousin. My Father and I made the cake. The theme was Red, Grey and white. The Bride had a cake in mind and Father and I made it to our own style...(I do not unfortunately have a picture of the cake she wanted....)

It was a rich Caribbean fruit cake 3 tiers weighed a ton, but was fun to decorate.

Hope they have a lovely long lasting marriage!

Watch this space

IBeCheraldine =]

Sunday, 24 May 2015

At the sewing table

Hi All

I've been working on some new quilts behind the scenes. Cutting fabrics getting layouts sorted. Hopefully before summer fully hits I should have them finished and ready to list. 

Some sneak peaks.

Just got to sew these together and I'll have 2 quilt tops. There are 4 other quilts in the mix. Which are two large Granny Square quilts and 2 Star flower quilts. So yeah not working on much ;-)

Watch this space


Friday, 1 May 2015

New Month New Shop Section!

Newly added to the shop a Destash section. Grab yourself a pretty little bargain!
Sometimes fabric is just too lovely for me to bring myself to cut into. So I figured why keep it? Someone else may want to use it for a project they've been working on or to add to a collection that isn't quite complete.

Watch this space as more things are soon to be added. 

IBeCheraldine =]