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Friday, 1 August 2014

Fresh Sewing Day!!

Wow last month went by quickly. I'm glad I got to cram so many things into it. I'm hoping this month I can finish the projects I started.
Here is an update on what happened last month....

The Not Quite Rainbow

The Citrus Quilt

The Berry Quilt

Citrus Berry Project

Orange, Grey, Blue Quilt

The Purge!!

Well that's last month out of the way! Roll on August!

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Fresh Sewing Day

Watch this space!

Cherie =]

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

When work Interrupts....

Behind the scenes I have been sewing like crazy...I now manage to fit in some sewing everyday after work until dinner time...However things have been crazy busy as work meaning less sewing time!!! Grrrrr
Here are my projects so far that I'm still working on....

Orange, Blue Grey quilt top completed....just to add wadding, back and quilt

Citrus Blocks done, just to layout, sew, add wadding, buy backing then quilt....

Citrus Berry Chaos

Chaos over...

Thinking of a Layout....Help!!!

I still have a lot to do...also still to find a backing fabric for the citrus quilt, nothing has caught my eye yet.

I have backing for every other quilt, but that one...I want to finish it soon...ish....GRRRRR!!!

Watch this space


Friday, 25 July 2014

I am an Instragramaholic!

It is so much easier to pick up my phone and snap a picture. I find in some cases the picture quality better than that of my camera.....I have been sewing, ironing cutting away like crazy.....
I also Passed my Driving test!!!!

I thought you could use pictures from Instagram on here...but alas you can not... to see all the rest you can follow me on Instragram. Click the rather large icon to the right or follow me @ibecheraldine

I remembered you can use mobile blogger to add pictures and create posts! I am also an Idiot!

One awesome girlie at work left! I couldn't believe it when she told me, she was like a sister to me. I made her some gifts to remember me by!

Progress on the Citrus berry Quilt!

Yes I am guilty of working on yet another project...I figured get all the blocks made then you'll just have to sew the quilt tops together....cut wadding and backing and pow instant quilt.....hahahahaha!! I still haven't found fabric to back the Citrus Quilt help!

Well I'm off to go searching the web....Then I'll go tomorrow!!

Watch this space!

Cherie =]

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Purge pouches!

If you follow me on Instagram you can see the progress of my purge pouches..I blogged about them a few days ago here: In this very post!

Well I'm happy to say they are all done! Picture bombardment!!

I used interfacing on some of them and then quilt wadding on others. On at least 6 there is a mix of both either with the bottoms being interfacing and the tops being quilt wadding/ reversed. I like the shape the interfacing gives to the bottom half of the pouch. It was however a nightmare to sew....I think the one I bought was a little too thick...but it did the job...I would maybe use it for straight edged pouches next times or solely for the bottom of these pouches....
Mother said I should make some smaller ones.... I'll have to think about that

Now to decide what to make with the leftover pieces of fabric......

Watch this space...

Cherie =]