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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My 25th Birthday!!!

Today I felt like celebrating in style so I asked my Father...Danville of Bigup International, please check out the blog and show follow along! If you're in the UK and need a cake check us out!

I wanted something different and unique the other evening I was sketching this
Then I thought hmmm this needs a bird....When I typed in images for a bird silhouette I came across a birdcage
The cogs in my head started spinning and I looked up images for birdcage cakes. Most looked wedding style, but I thought hmmm I can adapt this into my style and so this cake was created!

Then I brought it into work this morning and it was devoured! There is even less left now. Some of the lads from the warehouse came in at the end of the day to grab some.....amazing how men can't resist cake....I should make them more often!
And you thought Shrek had layers.......

=] I still be's Cheraldine!!

300th Post!!!

Omg I have been sooo busy...behind the scenes sewing, baking, decorating, listing....Things have been crazy busy in the I bes's Cheraldine household.
First up some cake pictures to share and a new blog created by my Father and I Bigup International - Please check out the blog, follow along to see our latest cakes and leave comments on what you think as were always looking for good feedback

Monday, 1 September 2014

Neglecting the blog!

Oh dear. It's been a while and believe me I have been sewing like a mad woman on caffeine....Only without the caffeine!
I've been instagramming as its so much easier to snap a picture and post it for all to see...
I have returned to share some pictures of the progress made. I don't like how you can't take your own pictures to use from instagram off the internet....weird!!!
I've rambled enough take a look for yourselves..

I've been cake decorating with Father making this Cake for Mother dearest!

Layout done and being sewn for the BerryIndieRomance quilt! Love these fabrics!! Glad I have some leftover pieces...They could become a cushion cover....

Decided on the layout for the Citrus berry quilt and also already have a backing quilt fabric for that too...So practical me!

I then thought to myself I'm making all these quilts to be sold...But nothing for myself to keep. So I pulled out all my Lotta Jansdotter stash and set to work on a HST quilt of my very own...It's going to be big!!

This is the first one I made for myself..Plus quilt with a few thrown in extras...this lives in the front room downstairs and has served us well on the cold nights.

The back of the quilt was just a simple rail fence design. It seemed to cruel to make the bars any smaller. Had to show off those prints!!

I also made myself quite some time ago now a large zippered pouch. Which contains my stash of EPP!

I set to work on My Lotta quilt. Making HST's the easy way...... 130 blocks! 6" in size

I then joined a fun looking Instagram swap.....

I'll be sewing the quilt tops soon. Deciding on a layout for the Lotta quilt and Making further Purge projects

Watch this space!!

Cherie =]