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Thursday, 18 December 2014

It's been HOW long!

I've just noticed its been almost a month if not longer since I posted. I have been instagramming away however.....That was until my account was mysteriously deleted...Has this happened to anyone else? Luckily none of my pictures were lost and I have dropboxed them all for safe keeping.

I'm sure you want to know what I've been up to?

I joined the #igminiswap earlier in the year and this was the quilt I made. I even made my own binding..I don't do binding like ever....This was a first..... Plus I tried my hand at paper piecing...Again this was a first with a pattern..and it went well! I'll be doing this again!!

I went to a German Christmas market in Birmingham with Mother Dearest..

I reorganised my stash...and discovered I still don't have enough storage for it...
There are only so many places tubs can go! Under my bed is occupied already!

I've made a few more cakes with Father... We now have a facebook page up and running..check it out and tell your friends! 

Then as one swap was ending another had to start so I joined the #UKminiswap

The end of this year is also set to be busy! In the run up to New Years we have a few more cakes....not sure how much sewing will be involved...

IbeCheraldine!! =]

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My 25th Birthday!!!

Today I felt like celebrating in style so I asked my Father...Danville of Bigup International, please check out the blog and show follow along! If you're in the UK and need a cake check us out!

I wanted something different and unique the other evening I was sketching this
Then I thought hmmm this needs a bird....When I typed in images for a bird silhouette I came across a birdcage
The cogs in my head started spinning and I looked up images for birdcage cakes. Most looked wedding style, but I thought hmmm I can adapt this into my style and so this cake was created!

Then I brought it into work this morning and it was devoured! There is even less left now. Some of the lads from the warehouse came in at the end of the day to grab some.....amazing how men can't resist cake....I should make them more often!
And you thought Shrek had layers.......

=] I still be's Cheraldine!!

300th Post!!!

Omg I have been sooo busy...behind the scenes sewing, baking, decorating, listing....Things have been crazy busy in the I bes's Cheraldine household.
First up some cake pictures to share and a new blog created by my Father and I Bigup International - Please check out the blog, follow along to see our latest cakes and leave comments on what you think as were always looking for good feedback