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Friday, 1 May 2015

New Month New Shop Section!

Newly added to the shop a Destash section. Grab yourself a pretty little bargain!
Sometimes fabric is just too lovely for me to bring myself to cut into. So I figured why keep it? Someone else may want to use it for a project they've been working on or to add to a collection that isn't quite complete.

Watch this space as more things are soon to be added. 

IBeCheraldine =]

Sunday, 26 April 2015


So as I mentioned in my last post I had entered into two swaps. The second being the #UKminiswap. Both swaps had the same shipping deadlines which was pretty crazy, but manageable.

My partner for this swap was @corriehandy who has her own blog Corriehandy crafter oddly enough I was also her partner too!!!
The mini I made for her was a disappearing 9 patch design in bright colours. I don't usually bind, but did this time round too as it was just as small mini and I even quilted!!

I love the way it turned out and may look into making some more 9 patch items for my shop...

The mini she made for me was a fun chopped Dresden plate design using Denyse Schmidt fabrics. As well as including some awesome goodies!

So another fun swap done! Now I'm in the process of editing pictures for some upcoming additions to the Quilty Little Secrets Shop

Watch this space!

IbeCheraldine =]

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I've had a SpringFling!

I feel like I haven't posted in forever!!! -Which is actually so true- I must make a vow to make more of an effort to post.

So on Instagram the greatest app since sliced bread- not that sliced bread is an app...but it could be- I joined the springfling mini swap. Some of you may have seen it, heard about it or even joined it yourself. 

My partner was @jewelsap and my colour inspiration from her was that she liked teal, purple, aqua, burgundy, red and beige. I had to raid my stash to find the right colours and some fun prints. I made her a fun mini using the octagon shapes I'd been creating a while back...

I don't usually bind anything.... But I figured as it was a small quilt I'd make the extra effort to do so.

In return I received an awesome mini quilt from the amazing Donna Fletcher

How cool is that mini! Not even square but a Triangle. I love triangles! I have to decide which part of my wall to put it up on - along with the others....- but it will so be up there!!!! 

There is still another swap the #UKMiniswap which I have shipped away..... So I will show that once my partner receives it....

Watch this space.

IBeCheraldine =]

Monday, 23 February 2015

Colour Project quilt progress!!

So this weekend I decided it was high time to get my Colour Project 
quilts finished up as well as the Berry Indie Romance Quilt. After it nearly being a year of starting them. I got distracted and they were neglected! So I thought before I start a new lot of quilts I should finish up the old lot first!!!
They are currently all backed and sewn pillow case may remember I don't do binding!

Now all that's left to do is trim them all up....Turn them right side out.....Iron them within an inch of their quilty lives...Then Quilt them.....

Watch this Space

IBeCheraldine =]